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Financial reporting

These services comprise of transforming the finance function to be able to produce accurate and relevant financial information (local/IFRS/US GAAP) in time, and which management can rely on to make business decisions.

The financial information would be expected to comprise of actual results, cash flows, forecasts, budgets, and key performance ratios and indicators, on at least a monthly basis.

Once a system of financial information has been implemented, ongoing services will include supporting the CEO and other management with analyses and interpretation of the financial figures to identify areas where profitability can be maximised – this might be identifying unprofitable clients, savings in overheads, contract negotiation, and legally minimising taxes.

Cash management

This service covers the formation of effective operating capital management, identification and remedy of cash receipt issues, insurance of the company’s short/medium and long term financial needs.

Tax and legislation

Ensuring compliance with the relevant tax and other legislation. Assistance in setting up tax effective group structures. 

Specialised services

Supervision of financial management, SOX reporting; financial interim management, competitor analysis.

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"Our Finance on Call business was set up in 2013 to provide small and medium size businesses with Finance director and related services..."


"The first step is to analyse and agree on what areas can be improved and the services that can be provided to remedy the situation, typically this would involve the following services: "

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